2017 Scottish Charity Events Package.

A package designed specifically to cater to the needs of 3rd sector charity organisations hosting an event or awards ceremony. You can outsource all media needs to us and we can provide you with a hi-quality professional service.



Event Visuals
Visuals developed to synchronize with the event, can be made up of motion graphics or slides and banners.

Event Brochure
The Event Brochure can be distributed to all attendants to gave an overview of the Event Aims, Keynote Speakers and Schedule (4-8 pages).

Event Companion
The Conference Companion is designed to go into more depth than the brochure, providing insight into keynote speakers, containing relevant passages and quotes (12-20 pages).

Video Production
We will go on site to film the event, conduct interviews and edit the footage into a short film which can be distributed to the delegates after the event to promote the success of the event (3-5 minutes).