Case Study

Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science

Case Study

Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science



Founded in 2016, the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science aims to contribute to, bring together, and disseminate knowledge from various academic fields on topics fundamental to human flourishing, and to develop and implement systematic approaches to the synthesis of knowledge across disciplines.

The program produces research publications and sponsors educational activities, such as courses, seminars, and conferences, for the Harvard University community all aimed at bringing knowledge together across disciplines and reflecting upon how knowledge from different disciplines might form a coherent whole.


Creative Cause supported the Human Flourishing Program in 2018 when we worked collaboratively with them as a digital partner for the Phase I of their communications strategy.

Brand Identity and Logo
Part of our remit was to develop a logo and brand identity that gave a distinct and memorable identity, using Harvard’s unique brand identity.

Program Magazine
We developed a printed brochure/magazine showcasing the various aspects of the program, its research goals, their findings to date, the impact that it had on the community, and affiliated research associates and staff.

Two Page Program Summary
The two-page glossy program summary that we created was used as a handout to generate interest in the program and act as an incentive for people to find out more. It was targeted at individuals who had no prior knowledge about the program.

“We chose Creative Cause because of their experience developing visually attractive niche academic resources. They were able to provide a lot of creative energy while developing our program brand and brochure, adding value by understanding our purpose, and how best to communicate our message to our target audience.”

Matthew Wilson, Harvard University

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