Educational Resource Website


Creative Cause | Web Solution Re-branding organisational communication channels with fresh simple design like this example for educational charity Character Scotland. The website was required to give people a detailed understanding of what the project was about and to attract new teachers to apply to get involved. See Project:

Education Project Documentary


Creative Cause | Video Production Character Scotland, the charity behind the Inspiring Purpose and Inspire Aspire programmes needed a 15 minute long documentary to give an overview of the impact the 3 year long project has made. This was produced to give the charity's board and the participants an insight into what the objectives the project initially [...]

Teaching Resource Brochure


Creative Cause | Print Design The aim of the publication is to inspire teachers to make links between their subject and character education.  Character education is often assumed and is largely an unconscious part of schooling.  This publication demonstrates how teachers can plan teaching programmes that make character education intentional, organised and reflective. The purpose of [...]

Youth Recruitment Website


Creative Cause | Web Solution The purpose of the Apprenticeships in Scotland website is to provide direct connectivity between employers and the Scottish youth labour market. The aim is to create youth opportunities, stimulate the demand for Apprenticeships and bring employers and young people together in ways that work. We used the networks developed by the Apprenticeships [...]